What life means to us

So i have been thinking, “what is life without the people around us?” 

The different people we encounter in our day to day life have a lot to do with how we define life for ourselves. So much pleasant and unpleasant experiences make our lives what it is and how it is. We could either allow ourselves to be marred by these experiences or we could learn from them and improve ourselves. It practically depends on how we handle everything concerning our lives.

We would rather refrain from the mishaps avoid them before they happen,it would be safer. We all couldn’t possibly figure out a way to get rid of them. Trouble has many faces. Some fear taking risks,thinking someone could get hurt so we neglect our own feelings at the time. This is reasonable but for how long?

Lets put some things into perspective especially if you want to get a comfortable life socially and otherwise. 

Life is a process,gradually we will get to that point. I believe we all do. We just have to put in a little more effort.


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